Thursday 2 June 2011

See How My Garden Grows

I promised photos of the garden, the sun shone, so here they are.

My little plot has expanded as I've planted several pots- cabbage, courgette, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and mangetout.

My "ingenious" system for encouraging the strawberry runners to take root!

The first tiny radish- it wasn't really quite ready to be pulled up, but my son thought it tasted better than supermarket radishes.

I need to pick your brains again on this one. I think it is pretty and I love the unusual leaves. It cost me 50p from the allotment plant sale. Can you tell me what it is?

Alfie enjoys checking out how much everything is growing. He usually likes to get a much closer view- from right in the middle of the bed, where he gets tangled in the netting!!


  1. Aw it all looks really lovely - that little radish is so cute! Home-grown always tastes better.

    No clue about your mystery plant, sorry - I'm so not a gardener. I can tell you though that strawberries don't usually need any encouragement - I had them once and they went rampant, despite my lack of green fingers!

  2. Not sure about the mystery plant, but it might be a fancy-leaf pelagonium? Alfie is lovely!

  3. Going to Google "pelagonium", Erika:)

  4. Your garden looks gorgeous! Th radish and strawberrys are looking great! I need to get out and do some weeding in our veg patch this weekend, not my favourite gardening task! :) x

  5. Hi Dotty!
    I have been meaning to visit your blog for awhile to let you know how much I appreciate each and every comment you leave.
    Thank you so much and from now on, I'll try to pop over here every now and then.
    have a great week!

  6. the mysterious plant / flower is called "shamrock bulbs"