Tuesday 14 June 2011


I didn't set out to write a gardening blog, but I am having so much fun pottering around in the greenery, that I can't help but share! I finally got hold of some 6ft bamboo canes to support my beans and mangetout. I also put up a trellis on the shed for when the peas get a little bigger.

If you look carefully, you can just see some little red flowers appearing on the bean plants, or you would if I had focussed on them and not the pot in the distance!

The strawberries are also beginning to ripen, though something (and the dog) has been having a little nibble:(

I have been going a bit mad potting all the runners.

The lobelia are starting to flower.

The clematis too.

I wasn't in the garden ALL day- I also made a Christmas cake. I have to start early to get them all done as I make them for several family members. I don't have a photo to show as the cake is still in the oven. Trust me though- it smells amazing:)


  1. Your plants are looking lovely! I have a Clematis too but it hasn't flowered yet..think it's still a baby really :) Christmas Cake in June though??

  2. hello i thought i would pop by, i must say you are having better luck then me when it comes to beans cause mine hasnt really done much x

  3. Thanks for you lovely comments. Hi bears footprints- welcome!

    Sorry about the "c" word in June- I like my cake well-matured:)

  4. Wow - you're early with potting your strawberry runners, AND your Christmas cake!!!! Erika Price Jewelry

  5. Everything looks fantastic, you really are ahead of us plant wise! My strawbs are only beginning to form never mind go lovely and red! Can't believe that Christmas cake has to be started so early! :) x

  6. Dotty your garden puts mine to total shame. It's so organised, mine is just a slightly green jungle. Fancy coming over and sorting it out, you obviously have the touch! X