Tuesday 14 May 2013

Circular cushion

Do you remember this from an earlier post?

It is called "Springtime Throw" from the beautiful Cute & Easy Crochet book by Nicki Trench.

Well, it is growing slowly, slower than I would like.
The trouble is, I got a bit distracted! A friend very kindly gave me a big bag of yarns she will no longer use, lots of hanks of gorgeous Rowan wool in lovely shades. So I started to make this...
...from the same book. It really is incredibly easy, although I don't think I'm joining in each colour in the neatest way possible and my central circle went a bit awry.

My sitting room is decorated in shades of cream and very milky coffee with a hint of duck egg blue. I have two large pictures on the wall of  the deepest blue sea with a tiny, reddy, orange boat. I really wanted to use the orange to lift the other colours, which on their own are a little too subtle for me. My children like the small circle of turquoise, though I'm not too sure if it jars with the blue. I only had a scrap of that, so the other side of the cushion won't include turquoise!

What do you think?

Friday 10 May 2013

Antibodies and Armchairs

Thank you for your kind wishes- I am on the mend now! My little pal has been keeping me company while I was sleeping on the sofa.

He hasn't complained about his shorter than usual walks, nor has he pestered to play in the garden.
He was happier this morning, walking further in spite of the rain.
Today I should be working on my Ten Plus textiles pieces...I am thinking about it, honestly. This is where I'm up to so far.
My embellishing machine has finally seen some action, needle felting strips and blocks of fabric onto wadding. It takes a while, but I find it really therapeutic and I love the texture it achieves.
The armchair was machine appliqued onto the background and I'll be adding newspaper print text, but I need to experiment with resizing the letters. I've been inspired by some "abandoned" garden chairs I see on one of my dog walks along the canal and I began collecting phrases from the memorial benches along the walk. I've been thinking a lot around the image of a chair where someone habitually sat, after they have got up, gone, the impression of them having been there and their lasting presence.
Well, I better get on so I can have more to show you. Have a lovely weekend xx

Wednesday 8 May 2013


I'm under the weather today, some kind of virus has invaded my joints and throat, sapping my energy! I've spent most of the day in bed, but I got really bored and dragged myself up to try and do something constructive. I'll try not to pass the bug on to you!!

I wish I could have gone to my meeting at Ten Plus Textiles as I wanted some feedback on my new work for the coming exhibition at Bankfield Museum. I'll show it to you after I get a few photos.

Instead, I've been looking through my pictures from Lisbon.

I'm hoping to print this onto fabric and see where it takes me.
These colours and shapes could translate into patchwork. I love that a little plant is growing out of the graffiti.
More colours and shapes.
The cat makes me smile.
Well,  that's all for now. Hoping to be back on form tomorrow......