Sunday 26 June 2011

Done It, Got The T-shirt (and a shiny medal)

Last night, my two teenagers and I, took part in the Manchester Midnight Walk, along with a group of friends. We walked the 10km as part of a long snake of people in yellow t-shirts, some in fancy dress, others wearing halos, flashing bunny ears or beenie-boppers!
There was a great atmosphere and lots of cheering from people outside pubs as we passed. The high point for me was being serenaded by 2 young men and a ukelele as they passed us all, singing "Keep walking... keep walking..."
 Hopefully a good deal of money was raised for St. Ann's Hospice in Stockport. Up to now, my family raised over £160.

My hips are aching today and I may sneak a little nap, but I'm very glad we did it:D


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  2. Well done Dotty, see you do deserve a drink! :P

  3. That sounds fun! Well done. *clap, clap*

  4. Very well done, Dotty. Hope those hips are less sore now.

  5. Congratulations hon, you should be very proud as well as very achy! x