Thursday, 28 June 2012

Curved Ball

So many events have come and gone and I haven't written about them. I have still been popping by all my favourite blogs to find out what wonderful things you have been up to and sometimes creeping out to comment. I have so much going on in my head, so many questions and so many spinning plates to deal with. The ones that have slipped from my grasp have been my favourite things- blogging, Etsy and my Ten Plus creative work. The fact is, my heart has not been in it. My family have been thrown a curved ball and it is taking some time to understand how to proceed, one step at a time.

My Dad has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, which has spread to his liver and lower spine. He may be about to begin chemotherapy, but this will be to control the cancer rather than cure it. He is a devout Catholic and my parents' strong faith in God is helping them to take a day at a time and accept all that is happening to them.

This has come into the mix of busy family life, GCSEs, school prom, my youngest child almost leaving primary school, going away on a residential trip and desperately wanting me to be there for his school production, leavers assembly etc. Life carries on, but so many things have been put into perspective!

I know you have all had times when life throws difficult situations at you and my heart goes out to you. Please pray for my parents and extended family as we get through this.

I don't like to my blog to be all sadness, so here are a few glimpses of the other things that have been going on;

Sam built a shelter in the garden in the Whit holidays and loved being in there planning secret missions!

My daughter made a pig for her friend's Birthday:)

Jubilee street party in Manchester.

This makes me smile- Alfie looks so livid and refused to move with the "cone of shame" on his head! He had a sore foot, a minor thing, but he wouldn't stop licking it. The cone lasted a day! We had to pull his bed out of his crate because he couldn't fit in with the cone on his head. After a night of him crying I had to get up at 4.30am to settle him, coneless, on the sofa. After that I gave up and taped a sock to his leg which made him hop as though I had splinted his leg :-D

Love to you all and hope to have better news soon x