Sunday 29 May 2011

Glorious Mud

My friend took me to see her allotment yesterday and I fell in love with it- the birds singing, the fresh air, the feeling of community and the satisfaction of seeing all your hard work (well her hard work) paying off with lovely green shoots springing up and the promise of  crops of peas, sweetcorn, cabbages, potatoes and many more lovely vegetables. They had a plant sale and scrummy cakes for sale! I came home with a cayenne chilli to grow on my windowsill, 2 cabbage plants, mangetout, a courgette( a present from my friend), a lupin, geranium and a very cute plant whose name I don't know.

So you can guess what I have been busy doing this morning! I never knew I could enjoy getting muddy hands so much!
 I will take some photos when the weather brightens up, but it is very grey and damp here today. (I didn't want to leave you with just a load of type so I added a pretty picture!)


  1. There's nothing like playing with mud.....

  2. Love the pretty picture : ) Thanks for visiting my blog today. I plan on lighting all the candles in the shed of an evening and having a glass of wine : )