Monday 9 January 2017

Happy New Year From White Nancy

I'm always late to the (New Year) party, so again I am belatedly wishing you health, happiness and much craftiness in the coming year!

I'm continuing to create at the Makers' Place at Macclesfield Heritage Centre, which is lovely and productive. I get to meet lovely people, hang out with like-minded creatives and of course, protect time in my week for stitchery.

I am hoping to get better at the social media side of things this year, like Instagram and Facebook and maybe I'll be blogging a little more frequently (baby steps).

My drive to my little studio in Macclesfield takes me through some nice country lanes and from a particular junction I occasionally get a view of White Nancy - a well-known Cheshire landmark.

White Nancy is a very distinctive structure built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo and I love how it stands like a sentinel watching over the landscape in all weathers. I find something comforting in its presence and I'm sure it is a favourite spot to walk to for many people.

White Nancy's simple, but recognisable shape has been appearing in my textile art quite a lot recently and I made this piece with a nod to Valentine's Day and all the romantic couples who have strolled near her.

(needle felt, applique, quilting)