Thursday 24 January 2013

Back on my Feet in Pretty Shoes

I am tiptoeing out of my January slump to wish you a belated Happy New Year and lots of  blessings in 2013. I've been sad and fed up of the long grey days. I am trying to focus on the good days, little moments of cheer and colour.

Which brings me to a different shade of blue......

It is ridiculous how smiley my new shoes are making me feel today (after all I am a Doc Marten girl).

I tried them on months ago and loved them, but I couldn't justify spending £54 on them. (OK I know Doc Martens aren't cheap, but I know they will last me for life through rain and snow and we are talking frivolous, girly shoes here!) A few weeks later I tried them on again - £30 in the sale- and they were sooo comfortable and the heels were exactly the right height so I could feel glamorous without tottering about like Danny LaRue! The blue ones in stock:( 
 I have scoured the internet and driven my children and Mr Dotty mad by dragging them into every Clarks shop around. I had given up hope. Then, whilst moping and having a last wistful look at my perfect shoe, I discovered a pair in McConnell Shoes in Ireland....less then £30 including postage!
They arrived this morning and I am chuffed to bits!
They are even beautiful inside as they are lined with Liberty fabric.
All I need now is for Mr Dotty to whisk me off somewhere nice!!