Sunday 5 June 2011

Manchester Midnight Walk

I am taking part in the Manchester Midnight Walk on 25th June to help raise money for St Ann's Hospice

It is a 10km walk (I don't do running, so no races for me!)

The hospice does crucial work and it costs so much to run- all the donations make a huge impact.
I took part 2 years ago and it was a fun and life- affirming experience. The hardest part for me was staying up so late as I do love my bed and we didn't set off walking till midnight (obviously). However, there was lots of entertainment to keep us going till then, including Mr Motivator doing the warm-up!

I haven't exactly been in training, unless you include my daily dog walks, but this year, as well as friends I am taking my two teens to help me along:)

If you would like to make a donation to St Ann's Hospice, you can do this simply and securely through my "just giving" page

Many thanks in anticipation. I'll take my camera on the night and keep you posted!


  1. Good luck in your fundraising for this amazing cause. I was lucky enough to have a sale in the BNR today, so I've donated the proceeds plus a little more :) Erika Price Jewellery

  2. Erika- thank you so much. That is very kind and greatly appreciated:) x