Sunday 5 August 2012

Party Rings and Olympic Rings

The summer holidays are passing at a fair pace and I think we are beginning to adjust to the fact that my youngest baby has now left primary school. He was very sad about it and I felt so emotional and stunned that all those years had passed so quickly. My home-loving son seemed to change over night once the holidays began- going off to the park to meet his friends with my old mobile phone "in case of emergencies" (though it turns out now he asks me to text him when I want him to come home!) and deciding that girls are actually not too bad once you spend time with them. He may need gently reining back in at some point, but for now he is enjoying his new-found independence.

His Year 6 teacher and support staff have been brilliant and have really encouraged the children to grow and blossom into young people who are ready to meet the challenges that their new schools will offer them.

I made them some cute felt biscuits as a token of our appreciation. These were featured in an issue of Mollie Makes magazine some time ago. I made mine into keyrings.

Felt biscuits are the only kind I am allowing myself at the moment- I am trying to get fitter. At school, I played a little hockey, but mostly I hated sport. I was never very coordinated and Sports Day was an annual source of humiliation. My lovely(?) PE teacher used to bring me out to the front to demonstrate how not to perform shot put, javelin or discus throwing!! I'm just not put together right for running!  However, I love walking miles, Pilates and swimming (in my own splashy way!)  I have to say though, how inspiring I am finding the Olympics. I can appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into developing a body that can produce such power and achieve such amazing feats. It makes me want to challenge myself to try something new. I might be tempted to dust off my bike. Or maybe, it might just be possible for me to teach myself to run, slowly, a step at a time.... after dark!!!