Wednesday 8 May 2013


I'm under the weather today, some kind of virus has invaded my joints and throat, sapping my energy! I've spent most of the day in bed, but I got really bored and dragged myself up to try and do something constructive. I'll try not to pass the bug on to you!!

I wish I could have gone to my meeting at Ten Plus Textiles as I wanted some feedback on my new work for the coming exhibition at Bankfield Museum. I'll show it to you after I get a few photos.

Instead, I've been looking through my pictures from Lisbon.

I'm hoping to print this onto fabric and see where it takes me.
These colours and shapes could translate into patchwork. I love that a little plant is growing out of the graffiti.
More colours and shapes.
The cat makes me smile.
Well,  that's all for now. Hoping to be back on form tomorrow......


  1. Feel better soon lovely xx

  2. Oh Dotty hope you feel better soon ... loving the graffiti ... Sarah x