Tuesday 14 May 2013

Circular cushion

Do you remember this from an earlier post?

It is called "Springtime Throw" from the beautiful Cute & Easy Crochet book by Nicki Trench.

Well, it is growing slowly, slower than I would like.
The trouble is, I got a bit distracted! A friend very kindly gave me a big bag of yarns she will no longer use, lots of hanks of gorgeous Rowan wool in lovely shades. So I started to make this...
...from the same book. It really is incredibly easy, although I don't think I'm joining in each colour in the neatest way possible and my central circle went a bit awry.

My sitting room is decorated in shades of cream and very milky coffee with a hint of duck egg blue. I have two large pictures on the wall of  the deepest blue sea with a tiny, reddy, orange boat. I really wanted to use the orange to lift the other colours, which on their own are a little too subtle for me. My children like the small circle of turquoise, though I'm not too sure if it jars with the blue. I only had a scrap of that, so the other side of the cushion won't include turquoise!

What do you think?


  1. Love the colours, gorgeous
    Busy, busy

  2. I love round crochet cushions and the colours here are lovely!..I've seen the Springtime throw too in the book and it's another favourite of mine,
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  3. Oh both projects are lovely - the springtime throw is growing beautifully and loving that circular cushion! Personally I think the turquoise works, gives it a slight visual edge. You're very clever! x

  4. Love your crocheting :) wish I could do this, can't seem to get the hang of it!

    Bee happy x