Thursday 18 April 2013

Moment to Moment

I'm trying to find a new way of being, experiencing where I am now,

accepting my pain

living each moment as far as is possible

being kinder and not striving.

I'm trying to let go of the stream of thoughts of what needs doing next,

of what others think,

the "should" and the "ought to."

I'm trying, (but not too hard) to feel the sun on my face,

 the wind in my hair,


 the taste of each mouthful,

 fear, sadness, happiness and peace.

I'm hoping to live in this moment, the only moment I own.


  1. Dearest Dotty

    I'm not sure of what your experiencing now but I hope that you are able to continue to live in the moment as there are times it can help to sooth. If you wanted to chat more please email me through my website.
    best wishes

  2. This is beautifully worded and I love the images you've illustrated it with. So agree with the sentiment - all we really have is the present moment, and we should try and experience each one as fully as possible. I wish you lots of moments of feeling the sun on your face x