Tuesday 10 May 2011

Growing Up

I think I may be growing up- just a little- as I am really beginning to enjoy gardening.
I am a bit rubbish at it, so I get very excited when things begin to grow!

                                                 The first poppy has just burst forth

My seedlings are appearing in the raised bed I set up-these are rocket and radishes. No sign of the onions or carrots yet!

You can't see my dogs footprints from this angle!


  1. Oooh I'm getting into gardening at the moment too! Keep us updated with your seedlings!

  2. Lovely photos! If you'd like to develop your gardening skills you can come and join me - I need HELP!!!!!

  3. Ooh what a lovely vegetable patch! It's very tidy! My garden is a right ramshackle collection of bits and bobs but hopefully we'll have some flowers and vegetables sometime soon :) protecting everything from the dog is a full time job in itself, isn't it?

  4. Aha, sure sign lol! My daughter always hated gardening but only 2 yrs after moving out, she is planting stuff. Happens to most of us it would seem.

  5. It's definitely addictive, I love seeing the things I plant grow! Our carrots are only just showing now, really didn't want to grow this year for some reason! Love the raised bed you have! :) x

  6. I adore poppies, they're one of my favourite flowers. Yours are gorgeous! And I'm very impressed with your vegetable patch - I've never progressed beyond blackberries!

    In fact I'll second Erika - if you want to get in some more practice, feel free to come and sort my garden out! ;)