Thursday 17 May 2012

Hotch-Potch and Speechless

Words fail me today!

A few piccies instead...


  1. Love the pics. Nice to see you again - have been off line myself, thanks to a blip in my webmail services, but all well now. Hope all goes well with you. I'm into making new additions and replacements for toys who've been adopted, so life is hectic. Don't forget to visit where I've still been blogging away - and/or the shop at! Bye for now. Isobel

    1. Thanks for dropping by Isobel. Glad you got your technical glitches sorted. Will visit your blog soon x

  2. Thanks Jooles. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Every time I see your dog I just want to cuddle him!

    Love the flowers - both the garden variety and your handmade ones! I have some of those flowery buttons too, they're really lovely :)

  4. I would be giving your pretty dog way too many treats!