Tuesday 29 May 2012

A Brief Encounter and a Proposal

Mr Dotty and I spent a happy Sunday afternoon at the glorious Stockport Plaza watching Brief Encounter (his favourite film) which was divine on the big screen. Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, illicit meetings, clipped vowels and oh my...those eyes! In the interval I noticed a couple in front of the stage and realised that the man was getting down on one knee to propose!!! Judging by the lady's reaction and the fact that champagne was consumed, I'm pretty sure she said "Yes" ! It was a lovely, romantic moment.

Afterwards we settled in the tea room for afternoon tea- what could be better! We had a wonderful afternoon, such a great event to raise money for Christie's hospital


  1. Oh the Stockport Plaza! I haven't been there in forever! What a lovely way to spend an afternoon - especially with the added romance of the proposal! x

  2. Ive heard about it but never been. Time to drag the husband away from the telly I think

    Friend of Barbara Jepson and Ten Plus Textiles

  3. Love those old-time cinemas. Alas, Sydney has only one left- built around the same time. Such a shame so many have gone.

    1. Hi Don, I know it is such a shame- can't imagine having the same feeling of nostalgia for our modern cinemas!

  4. what a delightful day for you too!! good for both of you!