Monday 23 January 2012

Messing with Monoprint

At last I gathered together the materials to have a go at monoprinting- a tube of acrylic, a tube of slow dry gel to increase the workable time of the paint, a roller, some thin paper and a sheet of plastic that my mother-in-law had spare and was just what I had been looking for on the day we last visited.

I think I could have lots of fun with this- it is quick and as I don't profess to draw well, it gives the pictures another dimension.

There may have been too much paint on this one, but I really like the textures.

Like I said, I don't draw well!

This is a self-portrait my son drew for his graphics course, so I traced it. I think there is potential with this image. I have an idea to monoprint onto fabric, then quilt it.

I am off later to help pick up the art from the Ten Plus Textiles exhibition at Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, which went well. Hopefully, I will have time later in the week to work on my new piece for the next exhibition, so I may have something to show you.

Hope you all have a good week!

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  1. Hadn't heard of monoprint - how do you actually do it? Anyway, these are looking good, and you DO draw well!!!