Thursday 15 December 2011

Chrismas Wreath and a Quick Look Back

I finally managed to finish making my lovely wool felt Christmas wreath, made from a kit from The Cinnamon Patch which I bought in Harrogate.

I spent this morning hunting around garden centres and hardware shops looking for a suction hook to put it up on the door, only to find that the panels of my front door aren't smooth enough to attach it to! I had to shuffle things around and it is now hanging on the inside of the lounge door, where I think the light is better anyway.

Now for a quick look back to the TenPlus Exhibitions at the Knitting and Stitching Shows. I feel like I hit the ground running when I got back from Harrogate so I haven't had a chance to show you how the exhibition looked.

We felt very professional at our stand!

The "touch and feel" book and artist's statement book.

My work is on the right. The gorgeous purple piece is made by Val Lewis from dyed blanket and painted tissue paper. I'd love Val to make a real coat like that!

A closer view.

We ate our lunch in the stunning old cinema at Harrogate International Centre!

I'm off to bury myself in a mound of wrapping paper! I'm feeling a bit guilty as I've banished the dog to the kitchen. He is driving me crazy today as he keeps stealing the tealights from my candle holder!!! He really is not the best trained dog in the world!


  1. Thank you Averilpam- it was fun to make

  2. Your wreath is amazing, I love it!!

    The show stand looks very professional - your triptych works really well - each piece could stand alone but together they look amazing!

    And he may not be the best-trained dog but he's such a cutie I bet you can't stay cross with him long ha ha!

    Merry Christmas to you sweetie :) x