Sunday 31 July 2011

Wonderful Willowpool

I'm sorry to have gone quiet for a few days after I was feeling a bit down in my last post. Things have taken a strange turn with my car, but for now I have a courtesy car, so at least I am mobile.

This morning we visited Willowpool Garden and Antique Centre in Lymm ( for coffee and a wander.

 It is an amazing place full of nooks and crannies, where you stumble on many unusual and often rusty reclaimed articles.

 I would love my garden to look like this place.

It would be a great place for a special party.

The food in the cafe is lovely and you can sit outside in little thatched huts or heated fairground stalls.

Not sure who this chap is, but he has a kind face and an air of contenetment about him.

I was tempted to trade my car in for one of these bikes!!!! (Ecxept it has been stolen from the garage while it was in for repair)

I'll show you some radiant rust tomorrow. :)


  1. Thanks so much Jooles, I'm getting there. Just got to take a day at a time and wait and see what happens about the car !

  2. Oh Dotty I've been here with my cousins from Culcheth...we live Down Under and are 'friends' of 'Nocton's'...small world. We had a wonderful lunch and a walkabout in the rain marvelling at all the bits and pieces!