Wednesday 11 May 2016

Busy Stitching

I have been busy stitching at my studio space at Makers' Place Macclesfield. I'm enjoying the productivity, being among creative people and chatting to the public.

But boy, am I tired! It has been a hectic few weeks with family stuff and I'm still learning to balance working and being away from the house with all the jobs that need to be done at home, trying to build up my running again and finding time to see friends! Though I don't miss the distraction of the washing machine beeping to demand that I hang out the washing, it is amazing how quickly the dirty laundry builds up! At least it has been a great few days for drying!

"Home from Home"

"Inspired by Skye"

"Come Rain or Shine"

I'm also looking forward to Artisans in the Palm House at Sefton Park, Liverpool on 29th & 30th May. It will be a fantastic weekend, especially if it is sunny- come on over!

Hope you have been enjoying the warmer weather.

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