Wednesday 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

'Tis the season to be jolly and this year the Treacle Market in Macclesfield certainly made us feel festive.
There was plenty of sparkle... 

...silly hats...

..a tune to make you smile...


...and festive dogs!

We got our tree up eventually and each year I love the memories that flood back as we unwrap the decorations. Not for me a tasteful, colour coordinated, fashionable set of decorations. Ours have been given by friends, bought as souvenirs on holiday or hand-made by family members and each year we unwrap them and marvel about where they came from. Some don't survive another year in the loft - air-dried clay has a tendency to crumble- but those that don't are gently wrapped up and put back in storage.

The tree in all its sparkly glory! It is small, but lovely (unlike the angel who looks kind of huge and unconventially dressed in red!)

We made lots of painted clay decorations when the children were quite small and had such fun with beads and glitter.

 A button heart made by my daughter.

A sleepy owl made by my mother-in-law

I made this Christmas stocking when my patchwork obsession was born.

The stag sits on the wall year-round, but has a festive touch for Christmas.

I'm very proud of my felt wreath.

Once the decorations are up we open this tree and have one of the special chocolates that are hidden inside. I think the family occasionally sneak one when nobody is looking, which is fine as long as there is one left for each of us for when the decorations get put away in the New Year.

Funny how we all develop our own little traditions as the years go by.

So after this little peek at my Christmas, all that remains is to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas 2015.

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