Tuesday 20 May 2014


I have been getting back in touch with my love of graffiti and text and making use of Mr Dotty's prolific photography.

I printed images of torn posters and graffiti onto cotton fabric.

The colourful image is from the Lennon Wall in Prague. I love the ephemeral nature of graffiti and the feeling that the messages have been captured in a photograph before someone else comes along and paints over them.

 I love that if you look closely you can see a snapshot of a thought that was important enough to someone for them to put it on a wall, a stranger that I will never meet. This piece even includes a proposal of marriage- how romantic! I wonder if Jane said "Yes".

I have listed this item in my new Folksy Shop
Have a great week.xx


  1. Love these, especially the graffiti proposal - surely no-one could ever paint over that! X