Monday 31 March 2014

Welly Hats

As you probably know, wellies feature quite significantly in my daily attire. I bought my current pair several years ago. They were a bargain, though still quite a lot more expensive than a bog-standard pair as I wanted support and comfort for walking longer distances with the dog. These are the sort of wellies worn by country folk when out hunting (though they don't go by that particular brand name!)

Coming in from muddy walks leaves me with a dilemma- I don't want dirty wellies in my hall dropping clumps of mud, but keeping them dry in the porch has been challenging this winter. I was really delighted to find these...

                                       WELLY HATS

We spoke to a lovely lady who was selling these at Castlefield Market in Manchester one Sunday. She got the idea from a shower cap. These are brilliant. They have a stiff band that fits into the top of the welly to give it rigidity. They keep out rain, spiders and slugs. And they are cute.

Just the job! Now all I have to worry about is my wellies blowing away in strong winds....

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