Thursday 12 April 2012

A Shaggy Dog and a Haricut

Apologies for my recent lack of blogging. Life got a bit hectic, then we had a family holiday on the Isle of Arran. We have never been before and it was beautiful. It is always a joy to spend time together with our children and it was a real opportunity to slow down for a while, unplug from (most) of the daily distractions and laugh together. We are increasingly aware of how precious these times are and try not to wonder for how much longer the older children will want to come away with us!

As for Alfie- he will never tire of chances to run free on  the beach, eat seaweed and dead crabs and snuggle up in the evenings with his whole pack around him.

We took him for a haircut after his holiday.

Now we have a much smarter version. This is the funny stance he takes when you put his harness on "Oops! I've lost the use of my legs!"

We can see his eyes now! He still manages to sport a rather windswept beard!

Two of my beautiful boys with their new haircuts :D

My third beautiful boys prefers to stay curly!

Some piccies of Arran coming soon.....

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  1. Good to see you back again - glad that you enjoyed Arran: it's a beautiful part of the world is Western Scotland. Alfie does look smart - as do the others! - but am a real sucker for any woofer pics!

    Thanks to mistakes on my part, am unable to blog myself at the moment (am working on correcting the wrong doings, but it's taking time to find the way out!) but can still access the blogs I follow. So, am not entirely deprived!

    Look forward to Arran photos. Cheers for now. Isobel