Wednesday 22 February 2012

Ups and Downs

Some of my days are an uphill struggle at the moment, trying to achieve so much with so little energy. February is my least favourite month.....roll on Spring!

On a positive note, I have quilted the wallhanging that will be shown at an exhibition in Stoke very soon (details to follow). I like the way the text has added texture to the sky.It still needs binding and a hanging sleeve-the tedious bits-but I want to show it to the lovely ladies at Ten Plus Textiles first to make sure it is ok before I finish it.

Hope you are all having a good and productive week. x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous design. Amazing colours too.

  2. That looks great, Dotty! Really doesn't require a pre-launch look over! February and November are my least favourite months. The former may be the shortest in days, but always seems to drag (and then the rest of the year flies by). November, is just.....well November. Usually damp, definitely chilly and dark, dark. dark!

    Hope the exhibition goes well for you.

  3. What a lovely piece- it's sure to be a hit at the exhibition!

    1. It's gorgeous!! The text works really well I agree - gives it another dimension.

      I hate February too, but it's supposed to be spring-like weather for the rest of the week so hang in there! x

  4. Hi Dotty, I checked out your link and love your Rocket Dog pumps! I have a couple of Rocket Dog myself, they are a great brand :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. hope you are having a good productive weekend!

  6. hi!
    February is ALMOST over :D just 4 days then it's Almost spring! :D love ur wall hanging :) xx

  7. February is absolutely the worst month of the year, no arguments! It's nearly over though, and we're starting to see daffodils around. Yay! Spring will be here soon!!!

  8. Wow it's stunning - you're so clever! Can't wait for proper Spring to come either, we have some lovely sunshine today to get us in the mood at least. xxx

  9. beautiful!!! and congrats for being featured in an exhibit!