Friday, 14 October 2011

Wow Factor!

You may remember my tribute to my Doc Martens. Well, today I discovered a pair of boots to die for at purevintageclothing at Etsy.

These pink glitter boots are amazing. My white glittery ones are from the same era as I bought them in 1994 for my wedding (Oh my, does 1994 count as "vintage"?!!!)

I wonder if mine would sell for £400......I guess I'll never know because I would never part with them.


  1. Oh lordy! they are fabulous, £400!
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  2. Blimey - £400!!! That is some investment, you coauld always use them as ornamental I suppose, that would be really cool, put a jamjar inside and use them as vases maybe? Yes I remember you post about doc martens well, your silver ones were just awesome! xxx

  3. Hello there Dotty - thanks for your kind commiserations re now definitely defunct camera. Problem is now semi-solved! Item replaced: now I've got to get my head round the new one - and work out a way as to how to get the pics on the old memory card on to my computer - as I feared, the new thing won't play! Heigh ho - the wonders of modern technology!

  4. They are so sparkly! The price is rather steep though, I don't think I could pay that for a pair of shoes! :) x

  5. No me neither, Jenevieve. I'll just have to dream:)

  6. Pretty cool! My partner actually found a perfectly good pair in my size the other day in the back alley. Quick polish and my new favourite boots!