Thursday 15 September 2011

Buttons, Bites and Buildings

I'm feeling quite creative and have been bitten by the bug again- all I need now is time...

My poor little dog has been bitten by another kind of bug. He was stung by a wasp on his tail this morning for the second time this week! He is curled up on the chair feeling very sorry for himself:(
He'll be having lots of cuddles today to make up for it.

I received some gorgeous buttons  a few days ago from oritdotan at Etsy.

They are so gorgeous and I am mulling over how to use them as I am going about my business.

I had a fruitful day yesterday and I've been working on some more quirky little houses. This time I decided to make a 3D art sculpture (that sounds a bit grand!) and I wanted to incorporate letters as I am always immersed in grafitti around here!

So here it is, a liitle row of houses spelling out the word "HOME".

It can be purchased at my Etsy shop. Tell me what you think!


  1. Gorgeous buttons! I love buttons so much, and these are fab! Poor doggy, being stung is no fun at all is it, glad he's getting so many hugs. I love your new cushion, it's so fun!

  2. I love those buttons. I have a couple of those.

    The cushion is lovely.

  3. Wasp stings are not fun - poor thing!

    Love your "home" piece with the little doors and all! Funnily enough I've just started on some wooden houses too - we must be on the same wavelength! :)

    Fab buttons - I think I've drooled over those on etsy too! Look forward to seeing what you create with them x

  4. Please send our licks to your dog, whose name we're ashamed to say we've forgotten, or rather our PA has. Dex and Lou xxx

    Pa here! Those buttons are gorgeous, I'm going to have to check them out, and you house is just beautiful! Di x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments:D
    Alfie is feeling a bit better- he seems to have been sleeping it off for most of the day

  6. Thanks lots for giving me this honor
    I hope your dog will feel better soon

  7. Fabulous cushion! (Beautiful buttons too!)