Wednesday 27 April 2011

Skye Holiday

I haven't been around for a couple of weeks and I haven't been near a computer in that time or accessed the internet. I have had a wonderful, relaxing family holiday on the Isle of Skye. The weather was great, the views were stunning and I felt like I slowed right down and lived in the moment. (Oh and I ate quite a lot of cake!)

This is Elgol, one of my favourite places. The view is perfect, there are lots of rocks for the kids to climb on and on a previous visit we saw a basking shark, calmly drifting around the bay.

There are lots of abandoned crofts on skye. Some date back to communities that were removed as part of the Highland Clearances and others are more recent. We walked a couple of miles to this cottage. In spite of the glorious blue sky, we had to shelter inside from a heavy downpour of rain just after I took this picture!

The dog had a fantastic time. He loved the beaches and the fresh air. He looks a bit "trussed up" in this picture. Last year at this beach he managed to wriggle out of his harness and chased a couple of sheep across the shore. Thankfully they were better at climbing than he was! We were mortified! This time we opted for a "belt and braces" approach.

Over the next few days, I'll include a few more views and maybe dream a little about being there.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time Dotty, and I'm glad you had great weather and lots of cake! The photos are fabulous too :)

  2. It looks and sounds gorgeous. The sky in that first photo is amazing - and how appropriate for where you were! :)

  3. Skye looks a great place to visit. I'm glad you had a good holiday.

  4. LOL Jooles- he IS, very cheeky :S