Wednesday 23 March 2011

Bright And Beautiful

The sun is shining outside and it is a beautiful spring morning. I have been for a lovely walk with the dog and I could be tempted to spend the morning pottering around the garden. However, I have things I need to do indoors, so to bring a bit of brightness inside, I thought I would share some gorgeous, bright, floral fabrics.

I have been busy cutting out hexagons so that when I have a quiet moment I can sit and hand stitch them together. I find it so soothing to hand stitch and although I love contemporary textile art, there are times when only traditional methods will do! I will be transforming these hexagons into lavender bags or pin cushions, which will appear in my Etsy shop after Easter.


  1. It is a beautiful day! I'm trying to stay in and work today too, but you're right - that sunshine is very tempting!

    Love what you're working on, those fabrtics are so pretty and spring-like!

  2. I love doing patchwork by hand. The colours are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! i find it soothing to hand sew too. :)

  4. I love hexagon patching, very theraputic. Have fun