Saturday 4 December 2010


I think it is finally warming up and beginning to get a bit slushy underfoot, after temperatures of around -10 last week. We didn't encounter the awful problems with transport that some people did, but a couple of days without heating or hot water was enough to put me off the cold weather this year!

The dog, on the other hand was really excited by the snow. He spent some of his walk this morning trying to round up a snowman, with a lot of barking and running round it in circles!

It has been too cold to sit sewing for long, but I did manage to make another scissor case for my shop to replace one that had sold.

I have really enjoyed making these. The next job is to tidy all my materials and equipment to clear my head!


  1. Aw that pic of you little dog is so sweet! Snow's clearing here too now - it was very pretty but rubbish if you want to get anything done!

    Love your little scissor case - it's adorable!