Thursday 11 November 2010

Soggy Dog and Inspiration


All this rainy weather means my dog needs a shower everytime we come back from our morning walk. He doesn't seem to mind and stands really quietly while I wash him, though there is a knack to shampooing and rinsing BEFORE he shakes himself! He loves nothing more than rolling around a muddy field with other dogs, so it is a small price to pay.

Here he is looking lovely and clean, if a little scruffy.


We took a trip to Holmfirth at the weekend to one of the wonderful ART Markets. There are lots of stalls selling beautiful, quality handcrafted goods. I bought a couple of Christmas presents.
If you are nearby and fancy a trip there is another Art Market this Sunday. More details at:

I have been trying to add more stock to my Etsy Shop ( I finished a crazy patchwork card which I will list later today.


  1. Cute, dotty! I remember the wet shakes..... Like the card too. Shame Holmfirth is too far....

  2. Aw he is adorable!!
    Love your patchwork - yummy colours :)

  3. Oh, isn't he cute?! What's his name?

  4. Thanks Erika- he's cute and very cheeky. He's called Alfie