Tuesday 30 August 2011

Time Flies When You're Flying High

Ever feel like you are wading through treacle? Time keeps running away from me and the school holiday (lack of) routine means that I begin a job, only to walk into a room much later and realise I was distracted and never finished it. Don't get me wrong, I love having the children at home, but I do like my own space and my own sense of order. And whose idea was it to introduce them to skype???

They are all out with friends at the moment so i have leapt onto the computer to get a little post in while it is all quiet:)

Yesterday we braved distinctly chilly and wet weather to visit Rushton Spencer Country Show. We were treated to the daredevil pursuits of the UKFMX team. The photo is poor and you can see what a drab day it was, but the stunts were quite amazing particularly as they had a very short run up and landing space, on very wet grass!

There was a lot going on, including a dog show, vintage vehicles, car boot sale, crafts, off road vehicles and clay pigeon shooting.

We were very taken with these beautiful alpacas. There was a stall selling very soft scarves made from their wool.

 The little one seemed very suspicious of my youngest son and kept eyeing him up and making a very peculiar noise !!!

 Whilst I have been writing this my youngest has been back in twice, I had to get up to answer the phone to my daughter and again to answer the door to my other son who came back and forgot that the back door is open and the phone just rang with a wrong number- HEY HO!!!!!

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  1. I keep starting projects and leaving them half finished too! What a great day out, love the alpaca's - can't believe schools are going back already, enjoy your 'peace time' and get those projects finished! ;-) xxx