Thursday 14 August 2014

Zipping though Summer

This week Mr Dotty has gone back to work for a rest. He had a mostly sunny week off last week and we packed in so many family activities it felt like we had been away.We started with a trip to York. I haven't visited there for many years and I had forgotten how lovely it is. We wandered along the Shambles, in and out of the lovely shops, gazed at the impressive architecture of the Minster...

We had tea from a lovely pink caravan and sheltered under the trees in a torrential shower.(I do have more photos which I will show you if I can get the phone and the computer to communicate with each other a bit better! My technical know-how seems to be letting me down again. Either that or we have Gremlins!)

The next day we headed out to Go Ape at Buxton. Mr Dotty and I went a couple of years ago as something different to do and I don't mind telling you that as soon as we got into the trees onto the practice crossing I was terrified! I got around the course, the fear never really abated, but the sense of relief and elation when it was over was amazing!

So, for some mad reason I decided it would be a good thing to do as a family (even with a son who isn't too keen on heights!). "I can do this," I told myself.  "This time I am going to be braver!"

Everyone else went up first and I got up onto the practice platform and the old fear came flooding back. I got around some obstacles fine, others were a real feat of controlling the fear. I even managed to conquer my fear to step off the "Leap of Faith"- a high platform where you drop before the harness catches you and swings you into a big cargo net. (It did take me three and a half minutes to step off- I know because Mr Dotty was filming it!)

The kids were fantastic- even the son that doesn't like heights grew massively confident and tackled a lot of the crossings hands-free! Mr Dotty's strategy was to hold the harness ropes and leg it! Only my youngest managed to land on his feet off the zip lines- the rest of us came in backwards and got bark chippings down our trousers.


 I spent over 2 hours filled with pure adrenaline and finished sore and bruised, but I DID IT and weirdly it was great fun!!! And maybe next time I'll be braver!

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