Monday 28 July 2014

Sticky with Treacle

What an amazing and busy weekend. The weather here has been really hot and Mr Dotty and I spent a rather sticky day under a gazebo at Middlewich Food Festival.

(please excuse the photos- they were taken on my phone & I haven't quite got the hang of it yet)

I set up my "Dotty B" stall as part of the Makers Market. We had a fun day chatting to people in the sun.
Next to me was a lovely young lady selling interior decor- Kiki Interiors and behind me was a man from Vanilli's cafe wafting the smell of the most amazing chocolate fudge cake in our direction. (I'm not telling whether or not we resisted!)

We arrived home with tired legs and hot feet, so we sat in the garden with a cheeky drink to recover!

On Sunday we went back to the Treacle Market at Macclesfield and had a lovely day out. It was buzzing- lots of sun, food, music and stalls selling beautiful wares.

We hadn't been there long when I spotted this little fellow...

I think he was hoping for some cool water in his bath. Lying in the basin just to the right was his friend...

I have quite a few collector's teddy bears, all traditionally handcrafted and I had decided that my collection was complete, but there was something about this little guy. I knew straight away I needed to give him a home. He looks like he'll make a great sewing assistant.

The pads of his paws are very worn, so he won't be doing any walking. The stallholder thinks he may have been made in the 1920s and he came all the way from France.

I'm going to find a comfy spot for him to sit and think of a name. Any ideas?

Oh, and Vanilli's had a stall at the Treacle Market too so we did succumb and shared a Manchester Tart (the ones on the right with a cherry on top). It was delicious and no mean feat to eat it on a bench in a public place- we had cream on our noses and jam dripping down our wrists, much to the amusement of the passer's by! Very sticky, but worth it!!

Hoping for a quiet day today. have a good week.xx

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  1. Your stall looks lovely, hope it was a profitable day for you (and that you didn't spend all your profits on fudge and teddy ha ha!) xx
    PS For no reason I can think of the name 'Harrison' came into my head for your new addition!