Monday 19 September 2011

Beautiful Buttons

I showed you my lovely buttons from oritdotan in an earlier post. Well, I was busy over the weekend creating something lovely to show them off.

I used recycled denim to make fun, shabby chic corsages.
The corsages will be available from my Etsy shop.

I'll show more tomorrow:)


  1. Think that corsage is simply fabulous! Am a returning member of this team (left to try to learn how to blog etc.) and have got to stage of collecting Followers, as well as blogs to read for myself at the same time! Will be following you, so hope you'll kindly return the compliment! Can be found at where I write about how I make, mend and otherwise create stuffed animal toys which I then try to sell via Do hope you'll pass by - look forward to it. Cheers. Isobel

  2. Hi Isobel, Thanks for following my blog- always nice to "meet" new people!
    I will pop over see what you get up to in your blog :)

  3. Thanks Dotty for your comment! Look forward to "seeing" you there again, sometime soon!

  4. That's really pretty, I like the darker colours. I've been adding to my button collection this week too - I'm obsessed!