Sunday 21 August 2016

Iceland's South Coast

On the fourth day of our holiday we embarked on a 14 hour day trip along the South Coast of Iceland to the glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon.

Our first stop was at Skogafoss.

The spray hit you before you were anywhere near the waterfall so we got pretty wet!

The landscape is incredible.

I found the sight of the glacier incredible-to me it almost seemed like a living thing. (Apologies for the photo- taken through the coach window)

We passed vast lava fields.

At Jokulsarlon, an amphibious vehicle took us out onto the lagoon and among the icebergs.

I took many pictures of the icebergs, which appear blue because the ice is so dense and are striped with layers of volcanic ash. They are such beautiful shapes and shades. I'm sure I will be using them as inspiration for my textile art in the future.

This is the edge of the glacier that the icebergs break off from before floating through the lagoon and out to sea.

On the far side of this bridge, some of the bergs get washed up onto the beach.
On the boat we got to taste ice that is thousands of years old. To be honest, it tasted just like ice from a freezer- tray!

The final stop of the day was at Seljalandsfoss. I was so excited as I have always wanted to be able to walk behind a waterfall. The spray was really cold and fresh.

It was a long and magical day.

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  1. wow, it all looks amazing. thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.
    Jacquie x