Tuesday 7 June 2016

Chicks And Classic Cars

Boy is it hot!

Looks like Summer has arrived and it is lovely, though my brain seems to have turned to mush. That is partly because of the baby birds who are growing up in my chimney pot, waking me up at 5am because they are hungry! Their parents arrived late in March and since then there have been weird scrabbling noises and lots of squeaking at unearthly hours. I like birds, but I am beginning to wish they would hurry up and grow feathers, learn to fly and go off and find their own worms! As soon as that happens I'm getting a roofer over to cap the chimney pot! Weirdly, this hasn't happened in the 20 years we have lived here, but there is a lot of major road construction going on locally so the birds have probably lost some of their habitat.

All because we humans like our cars!

We visited Tatton Park in Cheshire at the weekend to see the Classic car Show.

 It's amazing to me just how much some humans LOVE their cars.

 I do enjoy the convenience and freedom my car gives me, but to be honest, I am a bit car-blind. I have been known to walk past my own husband in our car and not recognise that it was him. So it was all a bit lost on me, but Mr Dotty does like to take photographs (mostly of the people with the cars).

 I enjoyed sauntering around in the sunshine, taking in the sights.

 We haven't been to Tatton for a couple of years so it was a treat to mooch around the gardens.

It is difficult to see from the photo, but this lady was wearing a beautiful floral dress and hat that perfectly matched the oranges of the flowers.

The Italian garden is very beautiful and has a view that reaches beyond the garden itself. It would be a fabulous venue for a cocktail party and I like to imagine sweeping down the steps in a floaty gown and banging a dinner gong to call the kids in for their tea!

I was a bit worried that this lady was going to topple over the wall as she looked quite precarious and had already almost fallen into the little box hedge as it wasn't strong enough to be sat on!

How have you been enjoying the sunshine?

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