Saturday 1 November 2014

The 3 Rs- running, rest and relaxation!

This is so very appealing to me this afternoon.....might even attempt a bit of stitchiness.

 The reason? Mr Dotty and I completed our first 5km Parkrun this morning!!!! Let me put that into context so you can see what an achievement that is for me. I've never liked sport. I was quite an uncoordinated, studious (nerdy) child and I was the one that got picked last for team sports in P.E.lessons. I was on occasion called out to demonstrate athletic activities and then have the teacher tell the class "that's how not to do it"! I spent most of high school PE lessons playing table tennis with my disabled friend (ie waiting till the rest of the class had gone outside, then plaiting each other's hair and gossiping!)

I've tried various physical activities over the years - cycling, aerobics, step aerobics, badminton, golf, bowling- and I've been pretty rubbish at all of them. I just haven't seen myself as sporty. Nowadays, I swim, walk the dog and do Pilates to keep my chronic pain under control. Oh, and I've always said I'd never run- runners never looked very happy to me!

So what happened? Well, during the summer I was feeling a bit better, I kept feeling like I could  jog a little. I expected my physio friend to tell me it was a bad idea, but she was really encouraging. Mr Dotty and I got ourselves some running shoes, embarked on a "Couch to 5k" programme and gradually built up our stamina and strength. I'm so pleased to have finished today and in a reasonable time...WOOHOO!!!

In other news, my Mum is reasonably content, though she has lost a lot of her speech and some understanding. We are gradually coming to terms with what is happening to her and trying to make the most of time together.

Hope you are having a good weekend. My armchair is beckoning.....xx

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