Sunday 6 November 2011

More From Berlin

Life seems to conspire to keep me away at times, for various reasons. I meant to post a few more piccies from Berlin and here I am a week after I got back trying to remember what we did while we were there! Anyway, here goes.....

The bubble man, near the Brandenburg Gate

  A sight-seeing ballon- I wasn't brave enough to go on this!

                                          The Tempodrom


  1. Great shots. I love the bubble man - how much fun would it be to pop that huge bubble!

  2. Lovely photos! I would love to go up in the sightseeing balloon. I definitely want to visit Berlin one day! :) x

  3. Angie- we had to keep dodging the ubbles cos they were quite wet when they popped!!
    Jenevieve- it is definitely worth a trip!

  4. Hi Dotty, if you have a sudden urge to go up in a big balloon we have one in Torquay;-)

  5. Nice photos of a wonderful city.

  6. I cant wait till we go back there.,..

    My mum lived there in the war and it felt like the city had so much to tell me.

    More pics, please!